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Vulcana-Rosso Venezia


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Vulcana-Rosso Venezia

Vulcana D.O.C. is an award-winning production of the highest quality and exclusive of Corte Bacaro, obtained from specific processes and top-quality raw materials. Merlot and Sauvignon grapes together, but not before having followed several steps.

The initial choice to keep separate processes comes from the will to preserve the characteristics of both grape varieties. So we proceed first to maceration, then to alcoholic fermentation. 5-7 days later, we do the pressing step and the completion of the fermentation process in smaller steel tanks than the previous ones.

This is followed by specific sensory and assembly tests through which the perfect blend is reached. The ageing phase has a duration directly proportional to the evolution of the wine, with an average period estimated at 4-6 months. After bottling, it will take about six months before marketing the wine.

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