Wild Rose Wraspberry Ale 4 Pack Cans 473ml


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Fruit Ale

Don?t let these two tricksters convince you that the fox turned red from drinking too many Wraspberry Ales. Rosie and Reggie can be persuasive, which makes them a good team, but there are no tricks behind this truly refreshing beer. The fresh fruit flavour comes from thousands of raspberries in each batch, that?s it.

The tart, fresh taste of thousands of natural, juicy red raspberries provides the perfect finish for our light, crisp, easy-drinking ale.

Refreshing, Effervescent, Tart

4.5% Alc/Vol | 10 IBU | 4 SRM

Pair with: Deserts, cheese, chocolate, smoked meats, and fish.

The Wild Rose story began in 1996 with two entrepreneurs and a dream: to free Albertans from the tyranny of boring beer. Alan, Mike, and their enthusiastic investors (and biggest fans) aimed to put Wild Rose Beer in the hands of Albertans, certain it would win their hearts. It did.

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