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Crush Imports is a boutique wine & spirit import agency based in Alberta but operates across Western Canada founded and operated by Mark Kuspira.

They partner with family growers from around the world whose values mirror their own. These values include sustainability, integrity, a high level of service, and offering a product that is of high quality, yet offers incredible value.

Crush Imports are an enthusiastic, dynamic, and creative team of professionals that are passionate about wine and serious about sales.

Crush Imports

Soft Crush

Sophisticated no-alcohol and low-alcohol (no/low) options have never been more in demand, as people increasingly embrace the sober-curious, moderation, and health-conscious trends. They’re searching out beverage alternatives for a host of reasons whether it’s health, personal, or faith-related, and they don’t want to compromise on experience or great taste.

Young and old, fit and foodies, high-performance and hedonist; we all still want to share a round of drinks with friends, just without the side effects that come from alcohol... because let’s be honest no one likes a hangover.

The Soft Crush portfolio of brands and products provides you with the refined options you’re craving. No matter what your reasons.

Soft Crush

Wine, Beer & Spirits

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